We are currently on the lookout for new colleagues at Undergrad, Graduate and Postdoc levels.

Undergrads (2 Slots available)

If you are self-driven and have a deep interest in pursuing hypothesis-driven fundamental biology research, please send your CV and a description of what you would like to accomplish in the Thakur lab. To ensure well-planned training and assigning appropriate projects, we enroll undergrad researchers ~2 semesters in advance. So, for example, if you would like to start working with us at the beginning of your sophomore year, you should reach out to us no later than the spring semester of your first year.

Grad Students (2 Positions available)

We accept graduate students from the GMB and the BCDB programs. Please get in touch with us to discuss rotation possibilities if you are interested in joining the lab. In the academic year 2022-23, we will host students for their 2nd or 3rd rotation.

Post-docs (1 Position available)

If you have an interest and expertise in RNA biology/chromatin/mouse genetics/embryology/meiosis, please send us your CV and other relevant information. We will enthusiastically support you in preparing for your future career goal, whether building a research program for your future lab or transitioning to industry.

Contact Us
1510 Clifton Road NE,
Room 2006,
Atlanta, GA 30322
Email : jthakur@emory.edu